Family Law Expert Takes A Stand on NFL and DV- and We Stand With Them


In her “Open Letter to the NFL About Domestic Violence” addressed to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and published by the Huffington Post on Monday evening, family law expert Bari Z. Weinberger challenges the NFL to implement a 7-point plan to help the league change its internal culture and take a stronger public stand against domestic violence, starting now during October’s National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Key solutions Weinberger offers the NFL include:

  • Mandatory domestic violence prevention education for players.
  • Mandatory counseling following any allegation or charge of domestic violence.
  • Greater transparency in domestic violence investigations.
  • Eliminate “Locker Room Talk.”
  • Provide clearer language on the 6-game suspension rule to close loopholes that allow reduced suspensions, as happened in the Brown case. 
  • Champion players who take a stand against domestic violence, including Steve Smith Sr. of the Ravens who recently wore purple cleats to honor his mother, a domestic violence survivor. 

“What happened in Josh Brown’s relationship with his now ex-wife is a horrible tragedy. With Brown now off the Giants roster, the NFL may hope this story simply goes away…but now more than ever, the NFL must act, and act swiftly, to address domestic violence within its ranks and prevent the next ‘Josh Brown’ from occurring,” says Bari Z. Weinberger, founder of Weinberger Law Group,

We agree with these proposals.
NFL players deserve the education and counseling.

The NFL has to stop turning a blind eye as does the public.

The present policy of a ‘6 game suspension’- though financially punitive does nothing to get to the heart of the issue- things that are strictly punitive never do.

The 6 game suspension also has a big loophole where “mitigating circumstances” has been worked in to the language.

Many thanks to Bari Weinberger for taking a stand.
We stand with you.


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