June 21 Event Junior High Girls : Collage making and finding out a bit more about yourself!

We always seem to be asking young people what they want to be when they are older. But what if we helped them to focus on who they want to be? What f we helped them to focus on their strengths, their character and the person who they are and want to become? Perhaps if we did, we would see far less “dating violence” in junior highs. Perhaps if we did, we would see far less domestic violence when they are adults.

As Director of the San Clemente Domestic Violence Task Force and over the years in practice, I have witnessed the outcome when a young woman has no idea who she is. Too early, and too ill equipped, they try to become part of a “we” before they are ever a “me”. This is why the SCDV Task Force is partnering with Community Outreach Alliance to spend some time with junior high girls in the event we are calling ”A Case of Mistaken Identity”. Through a morning of collage making and discussion, we will give these girls the opportunity to start to see the “me” inside of all of them.

We invite Junior High Girls to join us at The Venue Tuesday, June 21 from 10am-12pm for this event. Register by emailing SCDVTaskforce@gmail.com

We want to thank the Junior Women’s Club of San Clemente for their support of this project.
The Venue
1040 Calle Negocio, San Clemente, CA 92673




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