Easy as ABCD

One of the reasons for the San Clemente Domestic Violence Task Force is that we believe in our community. We believe in caring for our own and we believe that we have the talent right here to do so. Our town is filled with people who want to help, who are trained to help and if they are not trained- they want to get trained!

We appreciate the outside agencies that do so much for so many but we have found that the men and women in San Clemente want a chance to pitch in. Perhaps that is why when we made an announcement that we needed clothes for women in transition to wear to interviews 300 articles of professional clothing magically appeared. Perhaps that is why we packed the house at the San Clemente Art Supply Store the evening we said “come paint with us and the money will go to art therapy for victims.”We made those supplies available to DV shelters and we were blessed to actually facilitate the art classes for Family Assistance Ministry’s Gilchrist House for women in transition. And that is why when we realized that victims without transportation had nowhere local where they could go for free assistance to prepare for court, volunteers stepped up and under the supervision of a local attorney are now able to assist them.

All of this done in San Clemente

For San Clemente

By those who live in San Clemente!

We say that this is easy as ABCD because this is what is known in sociology as Asset Based Community Development. We take our own human and intellectual resources and we put it to work.

In the coming months, SCDV Task Force will be partnering with Love San Clemente, the Wellness and Prevention Coalition and the Hagar’s Hope to provide programs for our youth in San Clemente that address issues of personal violence that impact them now and will impact them in the future as we promote healthy relationships. These are San Clemente groups working together in San Clemente for San Clemente.

Want to be a part if this?

Upcoming Events:

Walk with us for the FAM Hunger Walk October 28

Advocate Training Information Session  November 4  10am Community Center

December 8- A Word of Compassion  Join us at the SC Art Supply Store as we decorate cards and cookies for those in shelters and for first responders.

March 6-   Teen Summit at San Clemente High School

Please contact SCDVTaskforce@gmail.com for more information

2 thoughts on “Easy as ABCD

  1. I’m so happy to be a part of the SCDV task force. Thanks for you hard work in starting this Dr. Patty! My feeling is its good to be a part of the solution.
    Leslie D.

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