2016 San Clemente Teen Summit


2016 Teen Summit

It’s your chance to be heard!

High School Students!

Discuss local issues in an open, safe environment with other students and leaders in the community—and earn community service hours at the same time!

November 12th, 2016


Mendocino Apartments Community Room

123 Calle Amistad

San Clemente, CA 92673

Register at scdvtaskforce@gamil.com



Family Law Expert Takes A Stand on NFL and DV- and We Stand With Them


In her “Open Letter to the NFL About Domestic Violence” addressed to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and published by the Huffington Post on Monday evening, family law expert Bari Z. Weinberger challenges the NFL to implement a 7-point plan to help the league change its internal culture and take a stronger public stand against domestic violence, starting now during October’s National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Key solutions Weinberger offers the NFL include:

  • Mandatory domestic violence prevention education for players.
  • Mandatory counseling following any allegation or charge of domestic violence.
  • Greater transparency in domestic violence investigations.
  • Eliminate “Locker Room Talk.”
  • Provide clearer language on the 6-game suspension rule to close loopholes that allow reduced suspensions, as happened in the Brown case. 
  • Champion players who take a stand against domestic violence, including Steve Smith Sr. of the Ravens who recently wore purple cleats to honor his mother, a domestic violence survivor. 

“What happened in Josh Brown’s relationship with his now ex-wife is a horrible tragedy. With Brown now off the Giants roster, the NFL may hope this story simply goes away…but now more than ever, the NFL must act, and act swiftly, to address domestic violence within its ranks and prevent the next ‘Josh Brown’ from occurring,” says Bari Z. Weinberger, founder of Weinberger Law Group,

We agree with these proposals.
NFL players deserve the education and counseling.

The NFL has to stop turning a blind eye as does the public.

The present policy of a ‘6 game suspension’- though financially punitive does nothing to get to the heart of the issue- things that are strictly punitive never do.

The 6 game suspension also has a big loophole where “mitigating circumstances” has been worked in to the language.

Many thanks to Bari Weinberger for taking a stand.
We stand with you.


Why Every Community Needs a Task Force- We Get Things Done

Lat Friday night we received a call from a woman who had been contacted by a victim of violence who was on the run. Shelters were called- there was no room. Through the efforts of community, the woman was gotten a hotel room, was able to speak with legal counsel to find our her options and directed to the right resources. But most of all, she was not alone.

Every community needs a Task Force. The big agencies are great and they are needed- but so are the people who step up on Friday night and say “I am here to help you.”


San Clemente Youth Summit

High School students from San Clemente will be holding a youth summit to discuss community concerns with local and county officials and professionals. The event, sponsored by the San Clemente Domestic Violence Task force and Wellness and Prevention Center. Mendocino Apartments will be hosting the  event in their community room. The event is open to all high school students.

“I am honored to participate in the upcoming November summit which will allow my peers and I to share our voices and to take action on the issues affecting both us, as young individuals, and our community as a whole”, said Kira Jan a San Clemente High Senior and the President of the National Honor Society SCHS Chapter

On the panel this year will be Lt. Dave Moodie, San Clemente Police Department; Tracy Theodore, JD Orange County Family Justice Center; Nicholas Dewald, San Clemente High School teacher;  Joseph Catstagno, JD, family law attorney;  Barbara Scheinman, MSW, medical social worker; Susan Parmelee, LCSW Wellness and Prevention Center; Patricia Drown, PhD San Clemente Domestic Violence Task Force.

Teen Summit
November 12, 2016

9-12:30 pm

Mendocino Apartments Community Room
123 Calle Amistad, San Clemente, CA 92673

Contact scdvtaskforce@gmail.com for registration information.

Fifty miles is a long way for a victim to have to go

The Orange County Register ran this story  on rape evidence backlogs. They mention the fact that there is only one rape evidence collection center in all of Orange County. One rape evidence collection center is a county that is over 900 square miles. Does that seem right to you? They tell us there is a mobile van that comes down here but the truth is that only happens when the victim is hospitalized and that – according to the police officers and medical social workers we have contacted- is not very often.

Please read this article and comment if you would like to see our county take note of the victims in South Orange County.

Textual Harassment

Textual Harassment!
You have gotten the abusive person out of your life but not off of your phone. You are afraid to look at the screen because there they are- taunting, pleading, threatening. Do not engage with the person who is texting you. It will only encourage them as they are trying to get you back under their control.
Here are some things you should know:
Step 1: Save the Harassment Data. Depending on your phone, you may be able to take a “screenshot” of the data. As much as you just ant to get rid of it do not delete it!
Step 2: Get Your Cell Phone Records. You can get your call log from your phone or from your provider so that you can corroborate the numbers and the calls with the text messages.
Step 3: Compile All Evidence in to categories- threats,taunting, etc.
Step 4 Make a Matching Copy for Yourself.
Step 5: Going to Law Enforcement. Either you or your attorney will use this compiled data to give to the police.
Our legal advocate will get back to you.
***If you are in an abusive situation, remember to delete your history when you leave your computer.